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  CD Systems, Inc. :: Internet Backup :: Virtual Tape Drive - Remote Internet Backup

  Virtual Tape Drive - Remote Internet Backup
Virtual Tape Drive - Remote Internet Backup  Capabilities

Create secure identification using digital electronic keys

virtualTapedrive can use a pair of digital electronic keys to prove your identification when you register a computer with the storage servers. It takes two PIN numbers and a valid account login to register a computer with virtualTapedrive. Each key comes programmed with your account information. The account owner enter a unique encryption code in to the keys to protect the files, then places one key off-site in a secure location and uses the other key for day to day operations. In the event a key is lost Data Systems Development can send you a partially programmed key, then the account owner, and only the account owner can clone the key from the office.

By using a digital electronic key to register the business's encryption code on a computer, virtualTapedrive protects each file on every computer the same. If each user were allowed to specify their own encryption code, then they would be the only one capable of decrypting their files. Since virtualTapedrive encrypts using the business's code, the business owns the data, not the employee.

Store individual user backups as well as servers

Unlike most storage services, virtualTapedrive does not require a separate sub-account to extend its protection to the users' personal computers. Perform a routine backup rotation (daily, weekly, monthly). Daily, at a time set by the account owner, each computer that has scheduled a routine backup will begin sending its changed files across the INTERNET to the remote storage servers. virtualTapedrive provides a 7 day, 12 month and 52 week rotation for each routine backup.

The ability to recover any file from a routine backup in the last 7 days extends your ability to recover from a recent data error. However, the ability to retrieve a file from the last day in one of the last 12 months, or a file on any Sunday in the last 52 weeks offers a tremendous opportunity to track back into history.

Archive files in storage to preserve historical records

Many businesses are required by law, or just common sense, to preserve a record of their historical operations. virtualTapedrive provides a cost effective means of archiving and retrieving files from storage. Keep tax records, legal documents, patient records, designs and other files safe off-site and away from prying eyes.

Store critical documents as soon as they've changed

Sometimes a document is too important to wait for the routine backup to start later in the day. To remedy this virtualTapedrive offers a critical storage feature that can store files as soon as they are created or modified.

Share common files with employees on-the-road

Keep your traveling employees up to date with the latest files from your office using the shared backup feature.

Receive daily e-mail reports and alerts of your secured data

The account owner can direct virtualTapedrive to send out daily e-mail reports. The account owner can receive an overall account summary for every office. An account manager can receive an e-mail report summary an office, and each user can receive an e-mail report detailing individual backup and restore activity.

Review detailed access and process auditing

virtualTapedrive provides a detailed auditing log that tracks user logins, scheduling of backups and restores, and computer connections to the storage service.

Utilize a strong file encryption to protect your files

Files are protected with the Blowfish symmetric encryption algorithm. The Blowfish algorithm has no known weaknesses and provides up to 448 bits of encryption. Internet based credit card transactions typically use 128 bits of encryption. For each additional bit of encryption the number of possible combinations doubles.

Benefit from a strong transmission encryption

virtualTapedrive provides an equally strong transmission scheme based upon digital signatures and Elliptic Curve technology. All transmissions are serially chained and verified. False messages and random data are used to mislead any potential spies. Access to the storage system is granted through a separate security administration site.

Backup and restore files without being logged in

The virtualTapedrive can backup and restore files on a computer after the user has logged off. This allows the service to operate without compromising the security of the computer.

Benefit from a global policy administration

The account owner can globally manage system policies, different offices, individual users and every computer. From the vtdManager program the account owner can view a catalog of all files backed up for the business. Furthermore, the account owner can review the backup and restore history for the business, as well as for each user and for each computer.

Control bandwidth usage by site

virtualTapedrive gives a business owner the ability to manage the storage service's use of the INTERNET capacity at each office by hour of the day. This will keep users from taking up limited bandwidth during business hours when it is needed to service customers.

Restrict users to backing up specific computers

The account owner can limit users to only login on specific computers. For users with multiple computer assignments, the owner can optionally require that all files be restored only to the computer that they came from.

Use programmable macros to schedule specific tasks

Simple to use macros allow a user to perform a task such as a database backup to create a file that can be sent to the storage service.

Make file selection easy with custom user file filters

Simple to create and use file selection filters gives a user the ability to rapidly select groups of files at once; instead of having to manually scan the computer looking for them.

Firewall friendly

The virtualTapedrive has been designed to be firewall friendly. There is no incoming data from the storage service to any computer.

Price: $10.00


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